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The Marriage Office

$240 Australian marriage paperwork

Two consenting adults, aged 18 or over, with proof of birth and photo ID can get married in one calendar month in Australia

Get married with a registry-style marriage ceremony

Sign your Australian legal marriage certificate, notice of intended marriage which is like your marriage license, with The Marriage Office and you can become a married couple without the fuss, time, effort, or expense of a wedding today. One month’s notice is required by the Australian Marriage Act of 1961.

On the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, and Byron Bay.


One month’s notice, five forms, 119 legally required words, under 15 minutes, and you’re married. We prefer to make getting married as simple as the law needs it to be.


We believe it is better to be married than to get married, and when it comes to getting married there are a number of meanigufl ways to see that moment pass, and one is a registry-style marriage ceremony.


You will be married according to Australian law, by a Commonwealth appointed marriage celebrant. Australian marraiges are recognised by worldwide.

Why get married in a paperwork only marriage ceremony?

A registry-style marriage ceremony has the shortest legally reqiured ceremony, without vows, rings, guests, readings, and one can happen any day of the week. It’s the legally required words and paperwork, no more, no less.

Destination wedding?

Celebrate your marriage overseas, but get legally married according to Australian law before or after your destination wedding, so you can receive the benefits, and save the money that an Australian marriage certificate brings you.

Want a friend to marry you?

Save the time, effort, and thousands of dollars involved in having a friend become a marriage celebrant just to marry you, and get married with The Marriage Office then let your friend officiate your wedding ceremony.

Just get married

If you just want to get married without having a wedding ceremony or reception, getting married with The Marriage Office is the quickest, simplest, and cheapest way to get legally married according to Australian law.

Why shouldn’t you get married in a paperwork only ceremony? 

If you want to wear a wedding dress and a suit, exchange vows, experience a personal and meaningful marriage ceremony, this is not for you. This is just the legally required words and paperwork in a ceremony at a coffee shop or office.

How do you get married in Australia?

If you are 1) 18 or over, 2) not already married, 3) not in a prohibited relationship, and 4) consenting and willing to enter into marriage as defined by the law in Australia, then you can get married ASAP in Australia. Australian law requires one month’s notice be given by a form called the ‘Notice of intended marriage’.

One month’s notice

One month notice: Australian law requires that couples wishing to marry in Australia would give one month’s notice. This notice is given directly to the person marrying them (not the Births, Deaths, and Marriages). The Marriage Office will assist you in preparing this paperwork. Once we receive your notice, you can be married in one calendar month’s time. Many people say it is 30 days notice, or 31 days notice, but it is one calendar month. So if you give us your notice form on the 28th of February then on the 28th of March you can marry.

 Do I need a marriage license?

Australia does not have marriage licenses, that’s for other countries. No marriage license needed for an Australian wedding.

Signing a marriage certificate in Australia with The Marriage Office

There are three marriage certificates signed in an Australian marriage ceremony. One is on paper and you take it home on the day.

Signing a marriage certificate in Australia with The Marriage Office

The Marriage Office is a modern marriage office so the two certificates required for our records and the government are signed electronically.


$240 – inclusive of legals, taxes, and GST.

Extra fees for signing a NOIM with us or for travel to your home or venue for signing.

15 minutes, two witnesses, and the two of you are required, no more than four people can join you for the ceremony. No need for formal wedding attire, or wedding rings.

Follow the booking process and then we will begin the paperwork preparation and notice of intention to marry process. Once that has been received we will book in a date to marry you.

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